Bewertung von Nader Ikladious zu Fahrschule Michael Ludwig


Bewertung zu Fahrschule Michael Ludwig

Nader Ikladious
Good service

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Fahrschule.Michael.Ludwig Thats not true! Not our students make the price! The student you get this information about 99,- EUR, have an contract from 2019 with us! That was not me you talk about! We never talk each other. You come in our office with you friend and you talk with the lady and the lady give you AND your friend 40,- EUR discount. But that was not enough for you. You can buy by LIDL or you look for Quality and buy by REWE :)
We drive the best cars from VW Tiguan and Mercedes. Other Schools drive VW Polo. You get what you want, But you can not drive a Ferari and pay for an Twingo. Why you so a lyer?

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