Bewertung von Lydia S. zu Reichsgraf von Ingelheim Weingut-Weinkellerei GmbH


Bewertung zu Reichsgraf von Ingelheim Weingut-Weinkellerei GmbH

Lydia S.
The most Terrible serve and experience of ordering something remotely - I have ordered one package and since they offer 4 weeks payment conditions I have misplaced and forgot the invoice. One month later I have received a single call and transferred the money right after. One week after I have made a transfer, I have received a second invoice, this time from Kohl Rechtsanwälte, in Germany they call these companies Inkasso - they are legally allowed to charge you around 50% of the amount for the bother of writing you a legal reminder. I have politely informed the Kohl company that I have already payed the bill. They were extremely rude on the phone and threatened me I will regret it. They have disappeared for almost 1 year and today I have received a notification from my bank that they blocked my account and expect me to pay 288,23 eur within the next two weeks. Just for the information - the full amount of the order was 69,75 eur.
I assume, those two companies are connected to each other and it looks like it is their way to get more business. Very sad. I have forwarded this case to my lawyer, however, it would take me ages until my bank account will be accessible again.