Bewertung von hafner.udo zu Wimberger Max Metzgerei


Bewertung zu Wimberger Max Metzgerei

I fly all the way from Austin Texas just to eat Max Wimbergers Bavarian Presock it is the best I have ever tasted in World. I would recommend this meat market to any one that is traveling through Bayern.This is a locally family owned establishment with years of hidden recipes to entice your taste buds.All the products are all produced there fresh every day are all 5-Star Rated.Two Thumbs up to Irene and Max for there success and hard work .Like they say everything is Big in Texas well Wimberger Metzgerei is Big in Bayern. An outstanding Family owned Business that represents the town of Straubing very Proudly.Happy New Year Irene and Max,and God Bless Straubing and all the people there.

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