Bewertung von Sumi Yohannan zu Kuhn, Jauch, Göser Notare


Bewertung zu Kuhn, Jauch, Göser Notare

Sumi Yohannan
This Notare is the very best. Ms.Lena, she explained all the details patiently and informed me all the procedures through the mail. She gave methe right guidance and she is having a great knowledge in the attestation procedure requirements of India. From the beginning itself the communication was very good. The response were so fast and she also communicated in English. Helped me and my wife through the attestation of our document. We will gladly recommend this Notare to any one who is looking for notarisation in fast and efficient manner. We wish all the best for her and for the firm Notare Kuhn, Jauch und Göser.

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