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    Warning other reviews are fake

    Would give him zero RACIST + LIER

    This guy should clean TOILETS instead as he has no skills with People !!

    Dont bother and go this old dude is inhuman and doesn’t care about treating patients and he only care about the insurance money, he has zero integrity and should get his license revoked. And doesn’t even treat people the new way only outdated old methods he learned 30 years ago. Good reviews are so fake!

    Worst doctor i ever been too, i had a surgery in the next 2 months in Essen and i had to see this guy coz he is the only one free (for a reason no one wants to be treated there) i had a discharge from my ear. First doctor who never bothered to clean my ear was the first warning sign, am not an englisch speaker and brought my husband and he told him he dont want to speak english in germany which i found extremely rude and never wanted to listen to my concerns about my infection and i was asking him how long to use the medicine and other questions and he already opened the door for us to leave and didnt want to address my complains so in the reception i was waiting for my antibiotic and my transfer but then he got mad and started insulting and saying racist things when he over heard me saying i want to take another appointment with another doctor after a week and refused to give me my transfer and medicine paper so i called the police then he denied all of saying that i refused his treatment and i had no appointment

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